Pampered Pups By Marissa

Montgomery County's Favorite Dog Walkers & Pet Sitting Services

Montgomery County's Favorite Dog Walkers & Pet Sitting Services

Montgomery County's Favorite Dog Walkers & Pet Sitting ServicesMontgomery County's Favorite Dog Walkers & Pet Sitting Services

Our Team

Marissa Acker, Founder

Marissa's love for animals began at a very early age. "There hasn’t been a time in my life when pets weren’t a part of it. Pets are my passion! I am a proud pet mamma 3 dogs, Ellie, Samantha and Rocky. They are my fur kids and have me wrapped around their little paws."

Over the years, friends and family have entrusted their precious pets in her care because they trusted her abilities and knew that she would treat their pets as you would your own. Spending her days with cats and dogs is the ultimate job. Kind of hard to even call it a “job.” Who can resist waggs and purrs, wet kisses and lap naps? Pet sitting and dog walking is Marissa's profession, livelihood and her business.

Marissa began fostering at a young age. After over 30 dogs that now have loving, forever homes, and a new leash on life, she explained that fostering those dogs was the most life-fulfilling thing she's ever done. "I watched them come into rescue sad, lost, hurting and just wanting to be loved. With loving care and patience they blossomed, regaining faith in their human counterparts.
As a pet lover myself I understand the difficulty of finding someone who will care for your pets and respect your home. My clients can rest assure that they will be provided the highest degree of professionalism and heartfelt pet care for their four-legged family members. All pets are unique and deserve undivided attention," said Marissa.

Marissa has many references who will gladly speak of her compassion and abilities to care for animals, her dedication and her high-moral values. I provide the utmost quality pet care for responsible pet parents. If you have a bored pooch and need daily dog walks, give Pampered Pups by Marissa a call. When you’re ready to go on vacation, she will not only treat your pets like her own, but I will closely monitor your home and property.


Ellie, Samantha & Rocky

These dogs are important members of our staff here, they keep us all inline. Without these guys, we would have to chase our own squirrels! When not working, Ellie, Samantha and Rocky enjoy chasing tennis balls, Frisbee’s, and getting lots of pictures taken of themselves!




• Resides: Warrington, PA

• Pets: 1 dog, Whiskey, two felines, Frisbee and Ajax

Hi, my name is Dave. I have been house & petsitting for over 25 years. I have a background in the insurance and medical fields, but a lifelong love for animals of all kinds, I am an active foster parent and on the Board of Directors with Home at Last Dog Rescue. One of the most exciting things I've done recently was fostered a pregnant 2 year old Shepard, she had 11 puppies that I loved & cared for from birth to 8 weeks. Not only did i see them grow from birth but I was there to care for them through it all, late night feedings & sleepless nights. They all went to fabulous homes and I keep in contact with all the adoptive families.



• Resides: Hilltown, PA

• Pets: 2 dogs a golden retriever named Dingles & a great dane lab mix named mokie

Hey! My names Kayleen, I have always been super passionate about animals! Growing up I’ve always had dogs and together we enjoy hiking, kayaking, camping and pretty much always being outdoors. I worked at a pet hotel for three years and am currently working towards my vet tech certification.



• Resides: Ambler, PA

• Pets: Playful yellow lab/bulldog mix, Bingo  & feline orange tabby, Louie

Hi, my name is Shannon. Growing up, my house was always home to a variety of pets that instilled in me a love for animals. I am very active myself and love taking Bingo on long walks and runs through our neighborhood. My pets mean the world to me so I will be sure to treat your furry friends as if they were my own!



Resides: Doylestown 

Pets: 1 cat (Leila 10 yrs old), 1 dog (Monty, 1 yr old Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepard mix)

I am a special needs therapist by trade, I have worked in behavioral therapy for the past 10 years and I am now working towards my graduate degree in speech and language therapy. I love animals. I grew up with dogs and then fell in love with cats as an adult. I can’t wait to love  and care for your babies as much as I love my own.



Hi!! My name is Shea. I have grown up and been around animals all my life. When I’m not working, I enjoy taking my dog, Piper, for walks and to the dog park. I’ve always had a passion for dogs, cats and other animals and I appreciate the opportunity to look after and take care of your pets!!



• Resides: Harleysville, PA

• Pets: Beagle, Daisy

Hi, My name is Shawna. While bearded dragons have been pets of mine in the past, my beagle Daisy is my best buddy these days!! I have been pet sitting and dog walking for family and friends for many years, my experience includes fish, reptiles, cats, dogs and even hamsters!

I love all animals but i find dogs totally irresistible which is one of my many reasons I am looking forward to caring for your fur baby!!



• Resides: Lansdale

• Pets: 2 half-blind kittens, Squintz & Luna

Hi, my name is Sydney. I attended a summer, live-in internship at the Animal Care Sanctuary in 2016 where I worked with abused dogs and learned positive reinforcement behavior training. I also spent a few weeks of the summer assisting in the community veterinary clinic, and have experience in handling amphibians and reptiles. I look forward to opening my heart and my arms to your adorable fur babies, as well as meeting you!



• Resides: Lansdale, PA

• Pets: Dog, Rusty

Hi! My name is Marcia. For the past 18 years, I have cared for my own dogs. In 2003, I rescued Rusty from North Carolina when she was just a few months old and it was love at first sight, she’s 14 years old now. As a child, I have had all sorts of animals, from cats and dogs, to hamsters and rabbits and whatever falls in between! I love being outdoors and enjoy long walks! My love for dogs, has led me to Pampered Pups by Marissa and I can’t wait to meet you and your furry children, and spend time with them!



• Resides: Lansdale, PA

• Pets: Many furbabies

My name is Amy. When I was a child we always had cats and dogs but we had a knack of always bringing home something pregnant. It became a joke around the house but it was also how I learned some snakes give live birth. I have volenteered as a wildlife rehabber and have assisted with several rescues in the area the area with fosters and raising funds. I can, also, admit my first foster I adopted, she is a little black cat and her name is Joan Jet. I can’t wait to meet your fuzzies, feathered or scaly :)



Resides: Blue Bell, PA

Pets: 1 dog, Cali

Hi, My name is Stephanie. I have been an animal lover my entire life and grew up with many pets. I’ve had cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles, birds, hamsters and more but have always had an especially soft heart for dogs. I was a pre-vet major as an undergraduate but went on to become a nurse. I understand that our pets are our family and I promise to care for your pets like I would my own.



Resides: Hatfield, PA

Pets: 1 Pug, Felix, 2 cats, Meika & Artemis

Hi there I am Danielle. All of my furbabies are rescues! They are my heart and soul and have me wrapped around their paws. Over the years family and friends have trusted me with their babies as they know my abilities and extreme love that I give them. I enjoy the outdoors which provide Felix and I with plenty of adventures. We hike, kayak and explore all the places we can. I find an amazing sense of Happiness enjoy helping for all of our beloved pets. I look forward to meeting all the fur babies and help providing them with additional love and care.



Resides: Souderton, PA

Pets: 2 rescue dogs, Bailey & Ollie

My name is Bridget. I have always had a love of animals and grew up with a dog that I helped care for. I worked as a social worker in nursing homes for 10 years and decided last year to stay home with my son for a while. I love being with dogs especially and being outdoors.  I have pet sitted for family and friends throughout the years. I also have needed pet sitters for my dogs and understand needing to trust that your pets are in good hands. I treat any pet like I would my own.



• Resides: Perkasie, PA

• Pets: 3 year old Beagle rescue, Toby

Hi! My name is Courtney. Growing up I have always been surrounded by animals. I am often found myself helping to care for my parents 4 elderly dogs or watching other family members animals, along with my own. Having animals in my life is such a joyous thing and im grateful for the opportunity to care for yours!



• Resides: Lansdale, PA

• Pets: 2 felines, one canine

Hi! My name is Karleigh Koch. I’ve always been known for being a cat lady but I’ve always had a special connection with other animals, especially dogs! I’ve cared for a variety of animals such as dogs, cats, reptiles, squirrels, birds, amphibians and more accruing to my past 5-6 years of animal experience. I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to care and love for your furr babies!



• Resides: Lansdale, PA

• Pets: 2 cats

Hi my name is Amanda. I have a love and passion for all animals and I work as an independent licensed massage therapist part time. I enjoy helping others feel better mentally and physically which leads me to believe that animals are a wonderful form of therapy for our souls. The unconditional love they give is so comforting. I grew up breeding golden retrievers with my family. I have experience with dog walking/dog sitting and (unofficial) dog training and cared for many dogs over the years. 



Resides: Harleysville, PA

Pets: 2 cats, one dog (Old English Mastiff)

Hi, My name is Brittany. Some of my hobbies include watching the Steelers and snowboarding, I love to be active but can also enjoy reading books or watching movies. I have been pet sitting for over 5 years and have a huge passion for animals, I love to spend time & play with them, and also give them all the love and attention I can. I look forward to meeting your fur children and caring for them!



• Resides: Lansdale, PA

• Pets: 4 rescue felines & retired show rabbit, & the newest addition, a pitbull puppy "Bobba Fett!

Hi my name is Maddie. From taking care of my countless animals growing up and now working at Steinbach Vet Hospital as a vet tech and adoption specialists, I take care of all my clients animals like they are my own to make sure their trip to the vet hospital is stress free. I have been pet sitting and dog walking for family and friends for many years, my experience includes fish, reptiles, cats, dogs and even hamsters!



Resides: Collegeville, PA

Pets: 2 dogs, Lanie & Ace, 2 cats, Roxy & Willow

My name is Carolyn.. I am a Social Worker full time but my true passion is working with animals of every kind. I get to do just that working for Pampered Pups. I also have experience working as a veterinarian technician at numerous veterinarian hospitals in different states. I’ve worked with animals in many different capacities for over 20 years. I enjoy taking hikes and exploring different parks with them.



Resides: Souderton, PA

Pets: Shetland Sheepdog, Kona

Hi! My name is Valerie. I grew up in Kulpsville on my grandparents 100+ acre farm. We had chickens, cows, pigs, horses, ponies, turkeys and of course barn cats and then pet guinea pigs, gerbils and rabbits. My twin brother and I had a pet pig named “Snurf” who was so smart he thought he was a dog. For years, my husband, family and friends have referred to me as “Dr. Doolittle”. My extensive work experience is in customer service, retail, insurance and Information Technology. I eagerly look forward to caring for and loving your beloved furry friends.



Resides: Quakertown, PA

Pets: Dog, River

Hi! My name is Amanda and I’ve been a huge animal lover my entire life. I’ve always grown up with furry friends by my side, and always loved meeting more. I’ve cared for many animals for years, and even used to volunteer at a veterinary clinic. I’m excited to be on the Pampered Pups team, and can’t wait to meet more furry friends.



Resides: Blue Bell, PA

Pets: 3 dogs, 1 cat

My name is Kasey . I have always had a passion for animals and that passion only gets stronger as i have grown up. I have done pet sitting and dog walking while I was in school years ago. I have also worked in a Veterinary office. I will treat your fur babies like my own and make sure they are well taken care of. I can’t wait to meet them and spoil them like my own !



• Resides: Montgomery County,, PA

• Pets: 

I grew up in a houseful of pets, everything from hamsters to horses! I always felt I had a special connection to animals, especially dogs. In 2007 I left the dental field and got a job as manager for a luxury pet boarding facility in Ocean City, MD. What fun meeting all the tourists and their dogs! I knew then I wanted to do nothing else. I moved back to the area and am so happy to be part of Pampered Pups by Marissa. I look forward to meeting you and your pets.

Ciera (AKA CJ)


• Resides: Hatfield, PA

• Pets: One fiesty chihuahua named Lulu

Howdy there! My name is Ciera! All my life I’ve been surrounded by animals. I grew up on a farm in the hills of North Carolina where we also bred pitbull/american bulldog mixes. There hasn’t been an animal yet that I haven’t gotten along with. I firmly believe all living creatures should be given patience and kindness. I’m thankful I get to be a part of Marissa’s incredible team. Rest assured that your darlings are in great hands! 



•Resides: Collegeville PA

• Pets: 2 Dogs

Hello, my name is Jess. Growing up I was always surrounded by animals. Having my own or helping family members watch theirs. Animals have always brought joy to my life, especially when you walk into your home and they are right there to greet you. I love taking dogs on walks or hike. I also enjoy a good game of tug a war or fetch. I enjoy spending time with animals and I am grateful to spend time with yours.